Donor Datasets

Donor Datasets

AidData works to collect datasets from development cooperation agencies around the world and to make them more accessible to the public. Some of these datasets are provided to AidData directly by the agency, some are harvested from third-party websites (“webscraped”), and others are gathered from print publications such as donor annual reports. In some cases, these datasets are later standardized and incorporated into the main AidData database.

Forthcoming Donor Datasets

An updated and expanded Non-DAC Research Release is slated for release April 2015. The table below summarizes the new Non-DAC donor data that will represented in the dataset along with the years covered and source information. This new research release will also include the Non-DAC donor data and years that are currently part of the the AidData Research Release 2.1. Please check back periodically for the updated research release. 

Non-DAC Donors

Years Already Available

New Years Covered

Number of Projects Already Available

Estimated Number of New Projects

Source of Information 






Donor Documents






Donor Documents






Donor Documents






Donor Documents







Donor Website






Annual Report


2006-2008, 2010




Donor Website






Annual Report






Donor Website





* The data of other Non DAC donors like Brazil, Chile, Cyprus, Hungary, Iceland, Kuwait, Monaco, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Slovak Republic, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand and UAE are already available in our previous research release.  The data of Czech Republic and Slovenia are also available before they joined the OECD DAC.


World Bank Disbursements

Gross disbursements of World Bank loans and grants in constant 2011 US$, based on raw data from the World Bank's project website ( Raw data are aggregated on a yearly basis, treating negative disbursements as zero. The data include those projects that are also geo-coded in AidData (2015, Geocoded data from the World Bank IBRD-IDA , Version 1.0:

Citation: Dreher, Axel and Steffen Lohmann, 2015, Aid and Growth at the Regional Level, AidData Working Paper No.9.

Download the dataset here.


Multi-Bi Aid Data Platform

Bernhard Reinsberg (University of Zurich) and Vera Eichenauer (Heidelberg University) have compiled a new dataset on multi-bi aid for the last 25 years. Multi-bi aid includes all earmarked voluntary contributions to multilateral agencies, i.e., contributions outside the core funding, generally using special trust funds.

More information about this dataset can be accessed here.


Multi-Bi Aid Data, Version 1.1

This is a project-level dataset of multi-bi aid (earmarked voluntary contributions or non-core multilateral aid) to multilateral organizations that spans all OECD/DAC donors over the 1990-2012 period. It includes more than 100,000 multi-bi aid activities that are hand-coded for their channel of implementation and earmarking depth. The data set is based on the Creditor Reporting System from the OECD/DAC.

Two complementary datasets include aggregate multi-bi aid flows and a complete list of multilateral institutions that received multi-bi aid over the last two decades.

Official Citation: Eichenauer, Vera Z. and Bernhard Reinsberg (2015), What determines earmarked funding to international development organizations? Evidence from the new multi-bi aid dataset. University of Zurich, mimeo.

Please send an email to Vera Eichenauer for the most recent version.

Codebook: Eichenauer, Vera Z. and Bernhard Reinsberg (2014), Multi-bi aid: Tracking the evolution of earmarked funding to international development organizations from 1990 to 2012. Download here.

Data: Soon available online. As of now, request from Bernhard Reinsberg.


The datasets included here represent a combination of relatively recent data that have not yet been vetted for inclusion in the main AidData database and those that are not suitable for inclusion due to the nature or format of the data represented. These files are, however, valuable sources of aid information.


AidData's Chinese Official Finance to Africa Dataset

Version 1.1

The 1.1 version of AidData's Chinese Official Finance to Africa dataset tracks 1955 development finance activities in Africa from 2000 to 2012. The data includes both Chinese aid and non-concessional official financing. The dataset was generated using a novel, open-source data collection methodology which triangulates project information across a range of data sources including media reports, Aid Information Management Systems, scholarly articles and recipient or provider ministry websites.  More information regarding AidData's Chinese data can be accessed at

Version 1.1 can be downloaded here


Version 1.0

The 1.0 version of AidData's Chinese Official Finance to Africa dataset tracks 1699 development finance activities in Africa from 2000 to 2011. The data includes both Chinese aid and non-concessional official financing. This dataset was generated as a pilot of an innovative open-source data collection methodology which pulls information from media reports, government documents and academic articles. Because our data collection methods are designed to dynamically improve project records, we advise employ the most recent version of the dataset for analysis.  More information regarding AidData's Chinese data can be accessed at

Version 1.0 can be downloaded here



Brazil's South-South Cooperation, 2005-2011

Brazil's South-South cooperation projects from 2011 have not been integrated into AidData's database, but they are available here for download, along with records from 2005 to 2010. These records were provided by Agência Brasileira de Cooperação. Note that the most recent table is titled "In execution," so these projects may have been reported in earlier years as well.

Download Here


DFATD - Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Development, webscraped data, March 2009

This dataset of 2,740 projects draws information from a public DFATD database as of March 2009. For information on current projects, please visit the DFATD database. The dataset includes financial information, information on executing agencies, sectors, and project abstracts, as well as links to the original source for each project.

Download Here


Delegated Cooperation, Humanitarian Relief and Scholarships of Cyprus, 2006-2010

This dataset is comprised of donor-provided financial information complemented by descriptive information from the public domain for 27 cooperation projects funded or co-funded by the government of Cyprus. It contains a list of scholarships provided by the Development Cooperation of Cyprus (without financial information).

Download Here


Czech Republic's International Development Cooperation Activities, 1996-2009

This dataset, provided by the Czech Development Agency (CzDA) is available here for download. These 1,274 records have financial and descriptive information, as well as unique project IDs. They have  been translated, screened and coded by AidData staff, and can be queried through AidData's advanced aid search.

Download Here


European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, webscraped data, Fall 2009

This dataset of 1,513 projects draws information from a public EBRD database as of December 2009. For information on current projects, please visit the EBRD database. The dataset includes financial information, environmental impact, and other project information as well as links to the original source for each project.

Download Here


Israel's Technical Cooperation, 2002-2009

This document contains descriptive information for 25 technical cooperation projects by Israel's Agency for International Development Cooperation (MASHAV), which are also included in the AidData database. It is offered here as provided by MASHAV. Financial information was not provided for these projects.

Download Here


Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), webscraped data, 1991-2007

Information for this dataset was pulled from a publicly available KOICA database in February of 2009. It includes 29,549 KOICA projects covering 1991-2007 and totaling nearly $1.5 billion in commitments. AidData sector and activity codes have been applied.

Download Here


Liechtenstein's Cooperation Projects, 1981-2008

These 895 records were gathered from the annual reports of the Liechtenstein Development Service (Liechtensteinischer Entwicklungsdienst, LED). The financial information is very thorough. This dataset has AidData sector and activity codes,  formatted and translated, and can be accessed through AidData's advanced aid search.

Download Here


Lithuanian Development Cooperation, 2009

These project records were gathered from the 2009 project list released by the Development Cooperation and Democracy Promotion Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They are provided with Lithuanian descriptive information, automatically translated English descriptive information and commitment amounts in Lithuanian Litas.

Download Here


Taiwan's Lending and Investment projects, 1991-2011

Provided by the Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund (TaiwanICDF), this table provides detailed descriptive and financial information about Taiwan's development-oriented lending and investment projects since 1991. These 68 projects have been integrated into AidData, and have received AidData sector and activity codes.

Download Here


US Agency for International Development (USAID), webscraped data, 1946-1996

USAID projects draw information from a public USAID database and were web-scraped and audited by AidData to ensure the most complete data possible. The dataset includes expanded project descriptions. AidData sector and activity codes have also been applied. The “Past Projects Database” is a legacy database of project descriptions which was replaced by the current USAID DEC system in the 1990s when USAID restructured activities to no longer include the concept of a “project.” Funding amounts are not included in this dataset, though AidData is working with USAID to release those details in the future.

Download Here