AidData organizes datasets into two collections based on the type of data:

AidData Research Datasets

Data collected, published, and quality assured by AidData

Replication, Community-Contributed, and Other Third-Party Datasets

Data collected and published by third party sources


Contribute Your Data

Users can now upload data, papers, videos, and other media directly to and apply tags to make them accessible in our dashboards. Now, when users search in AidData, they will find not only project information, resource flows, graphs and maps, but also datasets, working papers, images, or other resources that match their search parameters. Please participate by uploading your own rich information to reach new audiences and help make AidData a key knowledge-sharing resource on international development. Add your contributions here.

IATI Registry

The International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) and AidData share a common mission - making information on aid and development easier to access, use and understand. Over 240 organizations have adopted the IATI standard to report on development activities and publish their data via the IATI data registry.

All of the aid information available on can be exported in IATI.XML format, regardless of the original source of the data. AidData is also a registered publisher to the IATI registry. Visit our IATI profile page to view the datasets that AidData publishes to the IATI registry. 

Use AidData's API

The AidData API allows for programmatic access to the catalogue of AidData information. If you have any questions or suggestions for improving the API documentation please contact us at or on our #aiddata Freenode channel.

Before getting started we suggest reading Sandbox Rules and Terms and Conditions.

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