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A Fuzzy Transparency Mandate for the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation

This week, representatives of governments, donors and civil society organizations met in Mexico City to review progress towards “more effective development cooperation.” I’ve been following such discussions since I attended the IATI steering committee meeting as an observer,

Does Citizen Feedback Circumvent or Reinforce Representative Democracy?

The original version of this post appears on Storify here

Feedback initiatives seek to amplify citizen voices in shaping development priorities, monitoring progress and evaluating results. How does this intersect with other elements of democracy, such as parliamentarians elected to represent their constituencies?

This Week: Three data lessons from Kenya’s 2009 census

I stumbled upon a fascinating post about birth certificates in Kenya last week. According to Brett Keller’s post, since many Kenyans don’t have a birth certificate and might not be aware of the exact date they were born, the 2009 census provided a list (pg.

A Lesson from Nepal’s Data Revolution: Getting Aid Information to the Right People

“We read [about aid] in the newspaper, but we want to see what is really happening,” explained Dr. Sagar Sharma, Kathmandu University Associate Dean of the School of the Arts, at an Open Data Working Group in Kathmandu, Nepal earlier this year. In other words – how can citizens understand what foreign aid is doing in Nepal?

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