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China working paper

Diving into the Details: What “Aid on Demand” Says and Doesn’t Say About China in Africa

Last week, AidData released a working paper entitled Aid on Demand: African Leaders and the Geography of China’s Foreign Assistance. We were delighted to see that the paper provoked a fair amount of media coverage, as well as discussion and debate among scholars and bloggers. But a lack of familiarity with the data, methods,

Harnessing the Data Revolution: Three Goals to Better Improve Development Outcomes

An excerpt from AidData's Co-Executive Director Nancy McGuire-Choi's article in the UNA-UK's Global Development Goals: Partnerships for Progress report detailing three steps the data revolution can take to improve development outcomes.

This Week: Transparency On The Move in Africa / Project Pulse: Connecting Countries

AidData Co-Executive Director Dr. Brad Parks announcing the China in Africa Database launch 

Last week, AidData launched a public database of 2,000 Chinese-financed development projects in Africa from 2000-2012, an interactive dashboard to visualize these projects,

AidData Invites Submissions to Support Geocoded Centered Research

The AidData Project at the College of William & Mary is excited to launch a Request for Applications (RFA) to support new research that utilizes subnational georeferenced development finance data.

Democratizing Development: Mapping Chinese Investments in Africa

A new geospatial dashboard visualizes where China is funding development in Africa

A number of African countries view China as an attractive development partner who provides generous financing with acceptable terms and doesn’t interfere in their internal affairs. In fact, Sino-Africa relations have matured substantially since the Forum for China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) in 2000,

This Week: An AidData Update from Co-Exec. Director Brad Parks

AidData Co-Executive Director Dr. Brad Parks provides an update originally printed in the AidData Open Data Digest.

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