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AidData & Young Professionals in Foreign Policy Invite you to a Panel Discussion on Open Data & Foreign Policy

Open Data and Foreign Policy

AidData and Young Professionals in Foreign Policy (YPFP) invite you to a panel discussion

What is the open data movement and how is it relevant to foreign policy? How is open data disrupting the business of development? Becoming data savvy and building bridges across silos is critical for almost any foreign policy professional.

Avoiding Data Graveyards: 5 Questions the Data Revolution Should Be Asking

Courtesy image: Amina Mohammed (center) addresses participants in the Post 2015 Data Test and National Implementation of the Post 2015 Agenda workshop in New York, NY on October 14, 2014. UN Foundation

Amina Mohammed recounted seeing sacks of paper - data points on Nigeria’s development progress or lack thereof - left forlornly on the floor with little chance of being seen

Measuring Development Finance from Arab Donors

This September, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon honored Kuwait for its role as a ‘humanitarian leader’ in the Arab world and beyond. This is just one example of the considerable attention - both positive and negative – that Arab countries have received recently for their aid efforts following the upheaval associated with the so-called Arab Spring.

green power project in bhutan

This Week: One Small Step For Development / Project Pulse In Bhutan

The voices that yell “aid is broken” are varied, and while you may or may not agree with that full statement, there is definitely room for improvement. As an example, a rather in-depth article on the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace dove into how a needed change is starting to take place in development to start bridging the gap between the promotion of accountability,

This Week: Cities and Open Data - Cape Town Joins the Movement

On 25 September, the city of Cape Town explicitly recognized the importance of making city government data accessible to the public with the approval of an Open Data Policy. The policy lays out a plan to make data centrally accessible through the development of an open data portal.

Style or Substance?: The BRICS in the Post-Busan World

Over the last year, AidData has been working to shed light on new and historical sources of foreign development data. In the third post of a 7-part series, we examine the impact of the BRICS countries.

(Courtesy Image: Bidness ETC

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