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Leveraging Aid for Trade Capacity in Uganda

Trade liberalization is widely regarded to be a key factor in economic development. Its proponents argue that openness to market forces will increase the efficiency of resource allocation and lead to sustained economic development.

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This Week: The World Economic Forum and Data From Space / Project Pulse in Sri Lanka


Last week the whole world had its eyes in Davos where the World Economic forum was meeting. If you want to feel included in the forum you can check out their report on Data Driven Development.

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Localizing the Post-2015 Agenda: How Responsive Are Donors to Timor Leste’s Education Needs?

As the era of the Millenium Development Goals draws to a close and the world turns to discussions of what comes next, localizing the development agenda is one key area for dialogue raised by the UN Secretary General’s report on the sustainable development goals.

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Looking Back Anew: AidData’s #ChinainAfrica November Launch Event

Video of Brad Parks - Where In The World Is Chinese Development Finance?

At a November 2014 launch event, AidData introduced an interactive geospatial dashboard that provides detailed information about 1900+ Chinese-funded development projects in Africa. The data are disaggregated to the provincial, municipal,

This Week: State of the Data Revolution / Project Pulse in Senegal

A recent ODI paper focused on what ‘localizing’ might be applied in the post-2015 agenda. With the exception of a few broad considerations, the answer is rather cyclical. It depends on the local context. It’s an important phrase we’re all familiar with, but sometimes is left behind when we start talking about things like scalability.

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