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Number of people trained in 2014

AidData 2014 Highlights

We are excited to present to you some highlights from the year of 2014 at AidData. Wishing everyone happy holidays from the AidData team.

This Week: Austerity and Development Finance - A Troubling Trend?

With the completion of the recent “lame duck” session this past week, the current 113th United States Congress gives way for the 114th Congress to take over business next month in the new year, but it wasn’t a quiet session by any means.

Unlocking the Black Box: Transparency Matters and the NGO Aid Map

(Editors Note: Updated 12/12/14 with new information provided by InterAction)

2014 has seen the debut of a number of new and innovative tools for policymakers and scholars to use in their efforts to unlock the black box of financing for development. This June, InterAction - an alliance of 180 US non-governmental organizations in international development - launched one such tool,

This Week: Open Data in the Middle East - Project Pulse in Guyana

Photo by: withquietintentions CC BY-NC

Two different open data initiatives were highlighted in the news last week, and both have the potential to make an impact in the Middle East and Asia. According to Doha News,

open contracting

Open Contracting for Open Development: Insights and Applications

“If your mother gives you $10 to go to the store to buy a bottle of milk, you have to show her, 'Here is the milk and here is the change.'  Likewise, we are obliged to show taxpayers exactly what we are doing with their money.”

- Paca Zuleta, the general director at Colombia’s public procurement agency, as told to Thomson Reuters

Government Data Use in Nepal

The Demand Side of the Data Revolution: Lessons from the Government of Nepal

This article was originally published by our partner Development Gateway.

The post-2015 development agenda calls for a “Data Revolution,” asserting that a worldwide commitment to providing more high-quality, open data is the key to sustained global development.

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