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Biodiversity Conservation Aid: Who is Getting How Much and Why?

In a forthcoming World Development article entitled “Explaining Global Patterns of International Aid for Linked Biodiversity Conservation and Development,” Dan Miller of the University of Michigan analyzed the distribution of biodiversity-related aid across time and geographic space.

Locating Foreign Aid in Haiti

After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, donors pledged roughly $10 billion in response to the crisis. With such a significant amount of aid money coming in, the Government of Haiti refocused its aid tracking and management efforts following the earthquake. Although the Government has been utilizing its aid information management system to track aid to Haiti,

This Week: What's In a Map?

A couple of weeks ago, a survey and resulting map was making quite the buzz. No, it wasn’t the “What City Should You Actually Live In” survey (apparently I belong in LA, because I’m sure you were wondering). This survey showed th

Re-conceptualizing How We Evaluate Aid: Be Wary of Managing by the Numbers

In the aid community, the recent push has been towards management by measurement. There is a growing belief that a focus on measurable results — the number of vaccines delivered or mortality rates — is the best way to make aid function more effectively. Where it is possible to measure, this is true. However,

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