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UPDATED: View the "Open Data: A Journey of Discovery in Nepal" documentary now at

Join AidData Development Initiatives and Publish What You Fund for the premiere of their documentary film ‘Open Data: A Journey of Discovery in Nepal’ at the International Open Data Conference 2015

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Last week, Owen Barder took to the blogosphere to talk about what really effects change within countries, and the complexity of country systems. It’s not just that education in a country is poor, but that the country doesn’t have enough teachers,

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Literacy rates are commonly tracked across the globe. A foreseeable indicator to be tracked in the future as we head further and further into a data driven world will be data literacy rates.  While harder to define and track,

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Saudi Arabia has just ended a month-long bombing campaign in Yemen to hold off advancements by the Houthi rebels that threaten to take over the country. This forceful show of hard power is rather uncharacteristic. Historically, Saudi Arabia has relied on soft power to bolster its neighbors, increase regional stability, and provide support to the political powers it deems friendly.

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Jorge Martin / Development Progress

Many might question why so many are pushing for a data revolution when there are so many other issues and disparities in the world. But that is exactly why it is so important. Data is knowledge, and we all know, knowledge is power. Putting the right data in the right hands can mean powerful change,

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Despite the considerable time, money, and effort expended by donors, international organizations, and NGOs to influence policy change in low and middle income countries, there is a lack of understanding about how they can most effectively influence reform efforts on the ground.  In a new report launched today,

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