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I stumbled upon a fascinating post about birth certificates in Kenya last week. According to Brett Keller’s post, since many Kenyans don’t have a birth certificate and might not be aware of the exact date they were born, the 2009 census provided a list (pg.

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“We read [about aid] in the newspaper, but we want to see what is really happening,” explained Dr. Sagar Sharma, Kathmandu University Associate Dean of the School of the Arts, at an Open Data Working Group in Kathmandu, Nepal earlier this year. In other words – how can citizens understand what foreign aid is doing in Nepal?

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AidData has a long history of working with donors such as the World Bank African Development Bank Asian Development Bank and USAID (through the Higher Education Solutions Network) in collecting and visualizing granular information on who is funding what and where via

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In 2002, the new Global Fund was a world leader in aid transparency. It had committed to publish a volume and level of technical details on its grants that was unprecedented in international development.

It was my privilege to be part of the Fund at that time and to have my eyes opened to the complexity of delivering on transparency.

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Someone recently asked me how I would advise NGOs interested in collecting feedback from local communities on development projects. I found this intriguing. Even though citizen engagement is an old concept, does feedback in today’s hyper-connected, technology-enabled world imply the need for new ways of thinking? Moreover,

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This last week saw a lot of good resources, papers, initiatives and infographics that together make a plentiful smorgasbord. So follow along and pick and choose what you’ll fill your plate with. You can't really go wrong.

To start you off is a healthy dose of ICT best practices for development put together by United Methodist Communications.

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