The AidData Blog: The First Tranche

The international community continues to ramp up its response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. U.S. contributions now total nearly $250 million dollars, including various types of aid ...

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This is a modified version of a post originally published on Development Gateway’s blog

What could you do with information on 2 million foreign aid contracts at your fingertips? We’re pleased to unveil a new dataset and visualization app from AidData partner Development Gateway. Read below to get the story about what’s in the data and how this came about.  

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AidData is pleased to announce that it is requesting expressions of interest to undertake new research that (a) uses rigorous empirical methods to analyze sub-nationally geocoded development finance data, and (b) has significant potential to inform development policy and decision-making.

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“One…two…three…four.” I scan the room, counting the number of raised hands in answer to my question. I was about to present maps tracking National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) budget and service delivery, but I wanted to know something first. Did these farmers know that they could access detailed information on the government’s agriculture activities and provide feedback? The answer: only 4 out of 100 farmers had even heard of the Uganda Budget Information website.

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As a geocoder, I spent most of my time combing through copious project documentation looking for precise locations of development activities. Sleuthing for these valuable data points, it was easy to get lost in the details and lose sight of the fact that liberating data can have real-time impact.

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As the Ebola virus spreads across West Africa, humanitarian organizations seek to ensure that their resources are efficiently being deployed in order to meet the challenges of this crisis.

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