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This dataset draws information from a public USAID database and was web-scraped and audited by AidData to ensure the most complete data possible. It includes expanded project descriptions for 6659 projects. AidData sector and activity codes have also been applied. Funding amounts are not included in this dataset.

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Information for this dataset was pulled from a USAID database using webscraping techniques since the database itself did not provide a data export feature. This webscraping technology is designed to pull all available data through a series or searches using a screen scraping program, and was audited by AidData researches to ensure the most complete data possible. AidData sector codes have been applied. This data was gathered for the high quality descriptive abstracts availble. This descriptive information allows us to apply more meaningful and detailed sector codes to this version of USAID's activities than data available from other sources. No amounts are given for these projects. At this point our technology limits us to using a single source for each donor -- for the United States the portal currently displays the OECD CRS's version of aid activities. Need further clarifications or have suggestions about the data? Feel free to contact us at

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