Workshop on Foreign Aid and Government Legitimacy

Georgetown University

Mortara Center for International Studies

Saturday, April 11, 2015


7:30-8:15am Breakfast at Georgetown Holiday Inn and guided walk to Georgetown’s Mortara Center for International Studies

8:30-8:45am Welcome by Jennifer Tobin (Georgetown University)

Introduction to Workshop by Simone Dietrich (University of Essex) & Brad Parks (AidData)

8:45-10:00am Presentation 1

Chair: James Vreeland

Jason Lyall (Yale University):
“Civilian Casualties, Radicalization, and the Role of Humanitarian Assistance in Wartime Settings: Evidence from a Nested Natural Experiment in Afghanistan”

Academic Discussants: Amaney Jamal (Princeton University), Yuhki Tajima (Georgetown University) 

A View from Policy: Altin Ilirjani (USAID)

10:00-10:30am Refreshment 

10:30-11:45am Presentation 2

Chair: Helen Milner (Princeton University)

Simone Dietrich, Minhaj Mahmud (Brac University), and Matthew Winters (University of Illinois):
“Evaluating the Effects of USAID Branding on Government Legitimacy: Survey Experimental Evidence from Bangladesh”

Academic Discussants: Robert Blair (Brown University), Laura Paler (University of Pittsburgh)

A View from Policy: Steven Radelet (Georgetown University)

11:45am-1pm Lunch at Mortara Center for International Studies

1-2:15pm Presentation 3

Chair: Matthew Winters

Helen Milner, Mike Findley (University of Texas), Daniel Nielson (Brigham Young University): 
“Elite and Mass Support for Foreign Aid Versus Government Programs: Experimental Evidence from Uganda”

Academic Discussants: Minhaj Mahmud and James Vreeland

A View from Policy: Mats Harsmar (Government of Sweden)

2:15-3:30pm Presentation 4

Chair: Jennifer Tobin

Joseph Wright
(Pennsylvania State University), Simone Dietrich, Molly Ariotti (Pennsylvania State University):
“Foreign Aid and Judicial Independence”

Academic Discussants: David Bearce (University of Colorado), Monika Bauhr (University of Gothenburg)

A View from Policy: Jörg Faust (DEval Institute, Germany)

3:30-4pm Refreshment

4 -5:30pm Roundtable: Workshop Synthesis and Future Research Directions

Jörg Faust (Deval Institute, Germany), Marta Foresti and Edward Hedger (Overseas Development Institute), Altin Ilirjani (USAID)

Moderator: Samantha Custer (AidData)

5:30-6:30pm Concluding Remarks, Reception, and Poster Session

Poster 1: Eric Stollenwerk (Free University of Berlin):
“The Legitimacy of the State and Basic Goods Provision on the Sub-national Level: Survey Evidence from Nigeria” 

Discussants: Johannes Kiess (Gates Foundation), Monika Bauhr, Mats Harsmar

Poster 2: Allison Carnegie and Lindsay Dolan (Columbia University): 
“The Effects of Aid on Government Legitimacy: Evidence from Natural Disaster Responses”

Discussants: Jennifer Tobin, Matthew Winters, Minhaj Mahmud

Optional Dinner in Georgetown