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The Aid Management Platform (AMP) is an information management system implemented at the country-level and designed to enable governments to better manage external aid in accordance with national development priorities. AidData’s Geocoding Aid Management Fellows build capacity within governments to apply geographic locations to the projects contained within their Aid Management Platform. This more granular information can then be leveraged by governments to understand subnational aid flows and plan for future activities. Aid Management Fellows provide training for the government to oversee data input and analysis, ensuring the sustainability of the Aid Management Platforms.

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Geocoding Aid Management Fellows (AMFs) coordinate with governments and donors to update geospatial information, collecting relevant project documentation and providing training on the AMP geospatial information module. Beyond data collection and curation, the AMF advises on processes and shares best practices that will allow partners to conduct high-quality analysis of geocoded information to support decision-making. The AMF trains new users on the system, tracks any issues reported, and responds to help desk questions from AMP users.

For example, AidData partnered with AusAID, USAID and the Ministry of Finance in Nepal in 2013 to geocode over 21,500 project locations representing $6 billion in commitments from more than 40 donors contained within Nepal’s aid management system. An Aid Management Fellow embedded within the Ministry of Finance trained 400 officials from the government and donor agencies to report, visualize and analyze geocoded aid information.