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Transparent Development Footprints

Tracking underreported financial flows

As officially-reported Western aid becomes a smaller and smaller fraction of total financing for sustainable development, AidData is pioneering new methods to track the large and growing number of sustainable development investments made by non-Western governments like China and Qatar, non-state actors like companies and private philanthropies, and low income and middle income countries themselves.

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March 2018

China’s financial statecraft: Winning Africa one Yuan at a time?

Teasing out the nexus of money and influence in China’s development activities in Africa with a recent global dataset and a forthcoming report on leaders’ perceptions.

China’s President Xi Jinping and Zimbabwe’s President Jacob Zuma and his wife converse at the 2015 Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) in Sandton, Johannesburg. Photo by GCIS, licensed under (CC BY-ND 2.0).
January 2018

Six deep dives into China’s checkbook diplomacy

AidData’s release of the most comprehensive dataset yet on Beijing’s spending abroad prompted a flurry of media coverage and policy analysis. See our top five picks for articles and interviews that provide new insight.

Photo licensed through Shutterstock.
October 2017

AidData releases first-ever global dataset on China’s development spending spree

Five years in the making, AidData’s data collection effort has captured more than USD $350 billion in foreign aid and other forms of state financing that China committed to five major regions of the world.

Piles of 100 notes of Chinese Yuan — AidData releases first ever dataset on Chinese global development spending
May 2017

When does multilateral development finance provide better value-for-money?

AidData's Brad Parks, Mike Tierney, and Daniel Nielson highlight insights from their co-edited special issue of the Review of International Organizations.

Cover art by the Review of International Organizations.