Short-Term Opportunities

At AidData, we pride ourselves on having a diverse and amazing team. This is especially important when working across three anchor institutions and a growing list of interdisciplinary partners. If you are interested in joining us, check out our current short-term openings below.

William & Mary Fall 2015 Internships

Student Symposium Summer 2014

Want to test-drive a career in development, learn new skills in data management or gain experience supporting policy-relevant research? If you are an undergraduate student at the College of William and Mary, you should think about becoming an AidData intern! 

Students play a hands-on role contributing to all of AidData’s research and operations. Our interns gain transferable skills in a variety of areas and have gone on to jobs in think tanks, NGOs and donor agencies or prestigious graduate programs, such as Harvard's Government PhD. Some of our best interns have become full-time AidData staff. 

For the Fall of 2015, we hope to hire between 28 and 32 AidData interns in the following 7 areas: 

1. Geocoding5. Survey practice
2. Activity Coding6. Policy Initiatives practice
3. Non-DAC7. Data Uptake
4. Tracking Under-reported Financial Flows (TUFF) 

To apply for an internship, please visit Applications are due by 11:59 PM on September 1st.

Activity Coding Internship

AidData is dedicated to collecting project-level data from as many donors and donor agencies as possible, including multilateral and non-DAC bilateral donors, to provide the most complete picture possible of development finance flows and activities. As part of the effort, the CRS/Activity coding team codes and classifies international development aid activities according to the AidData coding scheme based on OECD CRS coding methodology. We are looking for interns who have high personal motivation, self-management, and detail-orientation.

We are looking to fill up to three positions for this Fall. For more information, please contact Lauren Harrison at

AidData Geocoding Internship

The geocoding team at AidData is accepting applications for an internship during the fall of 2015.  Geocoding interns work on a variety of ongoing grants and contracts with aid donors to track development finance to the project level. On the geocoding team, you will work to assign longitudes/latitudes to individual aid projects, thereby allowing us to map where development aid is going. We will work on contracts from prominent clients such as the World Bank, USAID, the Gates Foundation, and MacArthur Foundation.

Critical Qualities:

  • Must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above at the time of application.
  • Must be independent, intrinsically motivated, and hardworking
  • Demonstrated interest in issues of international development and aid effectiveness a plus
  • Prior experience data management, data analysis, and/or computer science a plus

We are looking to fill up to ten positions for this Fall. For more information, please contact Lauren Harrison at

Non-DAC Aid Internship

The Non-DAC team at AidData is accepting applications for an internship during the fall of 2015, located in Williamsburg, VA. The internship offers an unique opportunity for students to work with data on the foreign aid flows of non-traditional, non-Western, and emerging donors of foreign aid. AidData is one of the few institutions in the world that is engaged in efforts to collect, curate, and analyze such data. Please see the following link for a two-page backgrounder on AidData’s efforts to track the development finance activities of emerging donors: 2-pg backgrounder.

Are you interested in researching emerging economies? The non-DAC team collects data on and analyzes the development aid of emerging, non-traditional donors, such as Brazil, India, South Africa, and Russia. You will gain expertise in data production, analysis, and management, all the while working with never-before-seen data.

We are looking to fill two positions for this Fall. For more information, please contact Harsh Desai at

Survey Practice Internship

Do you want to help improve the ability of development partners to evaluate their policy impact? Do you think that there should be greater attentiveness and responsiveness to the experiences and priorities of in-country decision-makers and stakeholders? If the answer to these questions is "yes," AidData's Survey Practice Internship is for you! 

As part of the Survey Practice team, you’ll conduct data collection activities to help create a sustainable feedback loop that enables learning from the observations, experiences, priorities, and perspectives of decision-makers in 126 developing countries. Your work will directly contribute to the fielding of a large-scale survey in 2016.

We are looking to fill ten to twelve positions for this Fall. For more information, please contact Rebecca Latourell at

Tracking Under-Reported Financial Flows (TUFF) Internship

The TUFF team has created the most comprehensive database of Chinese aid to Africa publicly available. Our work has been covered by major media outlets like the Economist, the Guardian, BBC China, China Daily, Xinhua, Al-Jazeera and the Washington Post. On the TUFF team, you will use a unique open-source data collection methodology developed by AidData to track Chinese development finance worldwide. China is expanding its reach across the globe, but we don't know what it is doing - are you ready to help us find out?

We are looking to fill up to six positions for the Fall. For more information, please contact Charles Perla at

Policy Initiatives Internship

As a Policy Practice team member, you will adapt, analyze, and code within emerging methodologies to create new datasets answering complex and important questions in the field of development. Your work will directly contribute to projects exploring gender and disability inclusion; analyzing Open Government projects; and tracking funding to the Sustainable Development Goals.

We are looking to fill up to two positions for the Fall. For more information, please contact Jacob Sims at

Data Uptake Internship

As a data uptake intern, you will support AidData's efforts to enable development policy-makers, researchers, and practitioners around the world to use the data, research, and analysis produced by AidData to more effectively allocate, coordinate, and evaluate aid projects. The data uptake intern's work will directly contribute to the design and implementation of training, outreach, analysis, and fellowship activities to foster use of AidData's research and data products - including playing a significant role in coordinating the 2016 AidData Summer Fellows program.
We are looking to fill up to one position this fall with preference for applicants who would be available in spring and summer 2016. For more information please contact Alena Stern at