Geospatial Impact Evaluations


Portfolio-wide insights from rigorous impact evaluations

We use experimental and quasi-experimental tools of causal inference to rigorously evaluate the impacts of specific investments and interventions.

We generate value-for-money estimates for these investments and interventions in different locations and under different conditions.

We have particular expertise in geospatial impact evaluations (GIEs), which are often cheaper and faster than randomized control trials because they can be conducted remotely and retrospectively with existing data. They can be used to evaluate individual projects or broader project portfolios, and they open up new possibilities to evaluate long-run (post-program) impacts.

We have led a wide-ranging global effort—with USAID, the World Bank, the Global Environment Facility, and the German Development Bank — to use GIE methods and tools to evaluate the economic, social, environmental, and governance impacts of development.

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