Carrie Dolan

GIS Analyst and Research Fellow

Carrie Dolan is a GIS Analyst with AidData and a Research Fellow in Public Policy at the College of William & Mary. Carrie is a spatial epidemiologist currently researching development assistance for health (DAH), examining service placement and utilization, and the benefits of health aid and malaria-related outcomes in Sub-Saharan Africa. Her multi-stage project will investigate the relationship between malaria incidence and anti-malaria aid allocation, explore how the geospatial allocation of donor-funded development projects shapes malaria specific health service utilization, and analyze population-level effects looking at the geospatial impact of malaria interventions on all-cause child mortality.

Carrie has over ten years of experience using spatial tools, with current research collaborations to build cost and demand functions of HIV treatment in order to forecast the future cost implications of different treatment scale-up policies. She has written several articles on utilizing geocoded data to examine health outcomes; for example, mapping fast-food restaurants and the correlation to childhood obesity. She has served as a technical consultant to the Ministries of Health in Zambia, Ghana, Botswana, Haiti, and Mexico, and published peer-reviewed articles on utilizing geocoded data to examine health outcomes. Carrie is a doctoral candidate in Healthcare Policy and Research at Virginia Commonwealth University. 


GIS, Spatial Aspects of Global Health, Public Health