Sahai Burrowes

Assistant Professor of Public Health at Touro University California



Mike Tierney is the George and Mary Hylton Professor of Government and International Relations at the College of William & Mary, and co-directs the Institute for the Theory and Practice of International Relations. His interests include international organizations, international relations theory, political economy of development and institutions, and foreign aid.


Professor Burrowes studies the political economy of development assistance for health with a regional focus on sub-Saharan Africa. She has a PhD in Health Services and Policy Analysis  from the University of California, Berkeley where her research centered on the politics of development assistance allocation in Malawi. Before attending the University of California, Berkeley, Dr. Burrowes managed and provided technical assistance for international HIV/AIDS prevention, care, and treatment programs in Burma (Myanmar), Madagascar, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Malawi and Zanzibar for UCSF, Catholic Relief Services, and CARE Australia. 



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