Carrie Dolan

Assistant Professor of Kinesiology and Health Sciences at the College of William & Mary



Mike Tierney is the George and Mary Hylton Professor of Government and International Relations at the College of William & Mary, and co-directs the Institute for the Theory and Practice of International Relations. His interests include international organizations, international relations theory, political economy of development and institutions, and foreign aid.


Carrie Dolan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Health Sciences at the College of William and Mary. Her research examines the allocation of health aid within the context of effectiveness, efficiency, and equity. Through combining household panels with geographically-referenced data, Carrie’s research determines the contribution of health aid on key health outcomes. Carrie previously served as a GIS Analyst for AidData and a Research Fellow in Public Policy at William and Mary. She earned her MPH in Epidemiology from Tulane University and her PhD in Healthcare Policy and Research from the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine.


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