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Liberia Concessions Geocoded Research Release, Level 1, v 1.0

Released: 10/07/2016

Geocoded Data Coverage

Years: 2001-2015

Licenses: 556

Companies: 240

Sectors: 4


Bunte, Jonas B., Harsh Desai, Kanio Gbala, Brad Parks, Daniel Miller Runfola. 2017. Natural Resource Sector FDI and Growth in Post-Conflict Settings: Subnational Evidence from Liberia. AidData Working Paper #34. Williamsburg, VA: AidData. Accessed at


This geocoded dataset release represents all concession licenses sourced, as of June 15, 2016, from the Liberian Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (LEITI), the Mining Cadastre Administration System (MCAS), and the Liberia National Concessions Portal (LNCP), along with additional information collected using AidData’s “TUFF” open-source data collection methodology.

Users should primarily use the concessions_level1.geojson file1. The .shp file contains the same data but different attribute names - to crosswalk attribute names from .shp to .geojson, please see “field_crosswalk.csv”.

This data was created using funds, in part or in whole, from Humanity United. We also owe a debt of gratitude to Ciata Bishop and the National Bureau of Concessions, Konah Karmo and the LEITI, Kanio Gbala and the Concessions Working Group (CWG), Joseph Howe and the Ministry of Lands, Mines, and Energy (MLME), and countless others for lending their guidance, support, and expertise in generating this dataset. All data obtained in this dataset is collected with permission from the relevant parties and cited accordingly.

To the extent possible, this dataset follows the guidance outlined by the Open Contracting Data Standard, v1.0. The Open Contracting Data Standard is a core product of the Open Contracting Partnership (OCP). Version 1.0 of the standard was developed for the OCP by the World Wide Web Foundation, through a project supported by the Omidyar Network and the World Bank. Ongoing development is managed by Open Data Services Co-operative under contract to OCP.

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