This Week: The Secret is Out!

The fact that there is corruption in the world isn’t a secret, but a lot of secrets allow for corruption to thrive. Examples like Malawi’s Cashgate scandal and corruption among the Anti-Corruption Commission in Zimbabwe manifest the disappointing prevalence of corruption in government. A new campaign by the Open Knowledge Foudation aims to fight fraud and corruption by ending secret contracts.

stop secret contracts

The campaign highlights that corruption isn’t a development country-only problem.  Europe loses an estimated €120 billion to corruption each year, which is why steps like Germany getting ready to sign the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC), even after 11 years of deliberation are so important.

Organizations such as Transparency International are rallying to support the new campaign and are asking all supporters to sign a petition for leaders to make contracts public.

If this gets you on an anti-corruption hype, head over to ONE’s Honesty Oscar’s to vote on different categories such as Best Visual Effects and Best Picture. Let's vote for honesty!

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