This Week: Learning the Fundamentals of Transparency and Accountability

Courtesy image: Harvard Business Review.

Most basketball fans have heard the chants and jeers of a crowd yelling “FUNDAMENTALS” to a lone basketball player who maybe should​ ha​ve focused a little more on the basics. You don’t want to be that lone individual. To avoid being taunted by the word “FUNDAMENTALS” echoing through your consciousness, the Transparency and Accountability Initiative has created the guide ‘Fundamentals for Using Technology in Transparency and Accountability Organizations.’ Check it out and avoid the shame of missing a technological free throw.

​In o​ther news about fiscal transparency, a number of organizations worked to measure progress on tax and transparency commitments made by G8 countries during last year’s summit in Lough Erne, Northern Ireland. The scorecard highlights the limited amount of progress that has yet been made so far.
Once you have your fundamentals down, you might be ready to tell your story. The Harvard Business Review provided 10 Kinds of Stories to Tell with Data. Key point: how your story is told depends on four variables -- time, focus, depth, and methods. 

To be able to tell the story of climate finance, World Resources Institute brought up some interesting points concerning the current difficulties in tracking climate finance in developing countries. While the majority of developing countries already have financing tracking systems and tools, how climate will be tracked within these processes as it becomes increasingly important is ​worth discussing. Notably, one of the biggest concerns that arose was defining what climate finance includes and excludes. I might consider that a fundamental.

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