This week in Open Government and development: Let's talk about the dollar bill and #OpenGovDay


TechChange is celebrating April 8th as the day when three years ago key provisions of President Obama’s Open Government Directive were due. They are asking for participants to share what open government means to them during their Tweet Storm with the hashtag #OpenGovIs. 

Perhaps part of the #opengovday conversation should discuss the US IATI implementation plan, which as InterAction points out, might result with agencies already ahead of the game waiting around for others to catch up, and also makes geo-coding of data optional. If you want to see the some of the benefits of geo-coding data, keep an eye out for the results from the AidData Map-Off going on right now.
A new campaign to Make Budget Public Now! Includes a nice video on why budget information should be available and in what formats.
Let’s talk about the dollar bill
As I sit down this time of year to crank out my taxes and look back at my finances from the last year, I think, as I do almost every year, “Where did all that money go?!” A question I’m sure many are asking as the OECD DAC reportedthat aid fell by 4% last year, the second decline in two years.  Apparently not as much of it is going towards the world’s poorest countries as aid has begun shifting towards middle-income countries such as India, China, and Vietnam. 
Even with the decline in funding, World Bank President Jim Kim spokelast week calling for an end to extreme poverty by 2030. For that to happen, the current trend in declining aid overall, and the shift from serving the poorest to middle-income countries would need to make a quick 180°. Kim encouragedcountries to follow those, such as the UK, who have been able to increase aid spending, as soon as their budgets allow.
The BRICS, however, are looking to start their own development bank and play an even stronger role in aid. This might help fill in the gaps made by the decline in ODA, although some are still skepticalabout the role of the BRICS what they could achieve. 
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