This Week: How These Heroes are Benefiting the World Around You

tech heroes

We all love a good hero. This week, we have been presented with several to esteem and learn from. Nesta gave us the UK’s 10 Tech Heroes for Good: a list of tech entrepreneurs who are using their talents for good. They range from supporting tech education to open data to people-powered science.

Meanwhile, GovLab launched their first series of Open Gov Stories. You can hear from 15 different open gov innovators. The broad range of global innovators telling their story will hopefully show the momentum that is being made worldwide.

The current Knight News Challenge is also a great way to identify current or future heroes. The challenge asks for submissions to the question “How can we strengthen the Internet for free expression and innovation?” and is currently in the feedback stage. Give your feedback to those you would like to see improve and make it to the next round, and give an electronic “applause” to your favorites.

Heroic efforts are being made worldwide to strengthen citizen voice and make lives a little bit better, a little bit safer, and a little bit more open. Examples from last week include a story from Nepal where one district started using Community Score Cards to allow citizens to voice their concerns when it comes to their local education system.

Also check out these five ways entrepreneurs are fueling open data in the developing world. Several touch on a subject close to most of our hearts: traffic! An issue around the world over, we all want to be able to spend less time in transit and more time at our desired destinations.

Taryn Davis is an Associate at Development Gateway. Email her tips to get a shot-out in next week's post.

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