This Week: "Gols" for Governance

Courtesy image: Open Knowledge Foundation

With the start of the World Cup came questions and pointed concern around corruption allegations regarding stadium construction that tripled in cost, and whether procurement was awarded fairly at the beginning. Transparency International gave Brazil the thumbs up for recent transparency initiatives, but listed the other areas that need to be focused on if Brazil wants to avoid future governance red cards.

Governments looking to score more goals for transparency can take a look at GovLab’s recommendations on improving government open data sites. If you want to take a shot at improving the governance of service delivery, check out these five lessons provided by Simon O'Meally on the World Bank's People, Spaces, Deliberation blog, and the other posts and reports mentioned as well. O'Meally makes a particularly important point that governments must work to address inequality before participatory initiatives can bring about service delivery reform.

These topics should be central to discussions taking place at the Open Knowledge Festival when we talk about how Open Data can make a difference for citizens, and as part of the online discussion, "Making data more accessible for society at large: the role of open data, communication and technology." We can’t lose site of the governance issue when we talk about technology for transparency in governments. While technology can provide the ways and means, when it comes down to how things ultimately play out, there are still politics and people at play.

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