New AidData Research Briefs Posted: Is Health and Education Aid Effective?

We are happy to announce the release of two additional publications in our Research Brief series. These 3-5 page publications seek to make the empirical findings of AidData-affiliated faculty more accessible to policymakers, development practitioners, journalists, and the general public.




Today’s release includes a brief entitled "Does Health Aid Reduce Mortality?". It is based on a full length journal article published by Sven Wilson in the November 2011 special issue of World Development.  We have also posted "When Does Education Aid Boost Enrollment Rates?", a brief by Zachary Christensen, Dustin Homer, and Daniel Nielson, which is also based on a full length article published in the November 2011 special issue of World Development.

AidData's research brief series is just one of several new research resources published as part of the late 2011 launch of AidData 2.0. To make the underlying data used to produce aid allocation and aid effectiveness research more accessible, we have posted or linked to 57 replication datasets. And we are adding more datasets every month. We have also assembled 18 “prepackaged” research datasets, derived from the core AidData database and from external sources. Additionally, we have compiled a list of ongoing projects overseen by AidData-affiliated scholars, and a comprehensive collection of all published articles and bookswhich rely on for empirical analysis. 

If you would like to contribute replication data from your peer-reviewed article or book for posting on AidData, please contact

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