Nepal Ministry of Finance Official Reflects on Benefits of Geospatial Data

Nepal's Aid Management Platform (AMP), operating since 2010, provides Nepali government agencies, international donors, and local nonprofits with information on project-level development assistance they need in order to understand who is funding what and where. The AMP was made open to the public during a June 2013 launch event. Even just a few months after the launch event, the AMP has been used in exciting ways by the Nepali government and others. In this video, Madhu Marasini, Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Finance in Nepal, discusses how the Aid Management Platform is helping government agencies make more informed decisions on how to allocate aid to areas of greatest need and opportunity for impact. Watch the video and read more about the Nepal Aid Management Platform here. Nepal's public Aid Management Platform was developed by Development Gateway, an institutional member of the AidData partnership, and the portal is populated by data provided by the donor partners and geocoded by AidData's student research assistants. The geocoded efforts were supported from the United Nations Development Program and the United States Agency for International Development under the Higher Education Solutions Network initiative. The Australian Agency for International Development also supported this initiative.

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