Going "Deeper Than Data" With AidData

As of today, June 16, 2015, AidData has curated data on over 1.4 million development assistance projects through 70 years, totaling $40 trillion all over the world.

This is, to say the least, a huge amount of information. Policy-makers, practitioners, civil society organizations, and scholars all over the world need data on the universe of development finance flows. But it can be difficult to discern the value of this information and how it impacts people’s everyday lives.

This summer, AidData is premiering a six-episode podcast series to take you past the maps and dashboards on our website to the human stories at the heart of our research. We will interview mappers on the ground, learn from academics and diplomats, and make the case for open data to make aid more effective for the upcoming Sustainable Development Goals. We’re going beyond than the codes and coordinates on our website. We’re going “deeper than data.”

Visit our "Deeper than Data" page to listen to our preview episode - AidData.org/Podcast

Our first episode premieres next week, on Tuesday, June 23rd. We’ll interview Lu Sevier, who spearheaded AidData’s student mapping efforts to assist with earthquake relief in Nepal and is now doing similar work as an AidData Summer Fellow with the Map the Philippines initiative. 

Tune in to our podcast every week for a new story, in a new place, with a new person, inspired by our open data.

Emily Jackson and Daniel Aboagye are interns with AidData’s Policy and Communications Team, as well as students at the College of William & Mary. Emily is a sophomore studying International Relations and Daniel is a senior studying Public Policy.

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