Donor Bingo -or- Four New Donors

We're always working to expand the breadth and depth of AidData's coverage, and today we've added projects from four new donors: UNESCWA (the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia), UNESCAP (the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific), The World Bank's Carbon Finance Unit, and what we're calling The World Bank Managed Trust Funds.

  • UNESCWA weighs in at 5 projects, all from 2007, which total $115,441 (USD 2000).  The source for these records is the OECD CRS (Creditor Reporting System).
  • UNESCAP brings in 6 projects, also all from 2007, which compose $76,325 (USD 2000).  The source for AidData's UNESCAP records is the OECD CRS.
  • The World Bank Carbon Finance Unit reports 148 projects from 2000-2010, bringing in $1,487,007,719 (USD 2000).  Our source is the donor website.
  • The World Bank Managed Trust Funds is a catch-all for several different World Bank funds.  We will be separating these funds out into their own donor records soon.  Until then, the trust funds bring in an additional 347 projects from 1998-2010, and a total of $2,380,203,343 (USD 2000).  The sources for these records are also the donor websites.

These additional donors represent an additional $3,867,402,828 (USD 2000) of aid in 506 individual projects.  Stay tuned here for more updates as we continue to expand our donor coverage and detail in the coming weeks.

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