China Round-Up 06/24/10

This week in the China Round-Up:

  • China delivers 20 tons of humanitarian assistance to Osh as the crisis in Kyrgyzstan continues to unfold.
  • The Bangladeshi foreign minister expects a commitment of $40 million RMB in grant assistance during the visit of Chinese vice president Xi Jinping
  • The Sri Lankan Ministry of Defence reports that China offers $200 million USD for the second construction phase of the Hambantota deep water port. The Eurasia Review fills in details, the loan is coming from EXIM, on top of an earlier loan of $360 million USD.
  • The China Development Bank commits a $100 million USD loan to Bangladesh for development of its telecommunications network.
  • EXIM loans Fiji's Public Rental Board $20 million USD for public housing.

Finally, China's most important international contribution of the year? Definitely the vuvuzela. That's right, apparently 90% of the horns that are giving the 2010 World Cup it's distinctive buzz are produced in Guangdong and Zhejiang.

The China Round-Up is a weekly review of China's foreign aid and state-directed investment projects in developing countries.

Tags: south-south cooperation