AidData Invites You To Find Out Where in the World Chinese Development Finance Is

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

AidData invites you to a launch event & discussion

Where in the World is Chinese Development Finance?

China is growing in prominence as it provides an increasing amount of development finance to Africa, yet little is known about the scale and distribution of its funding. Critical questions must be answered if we're to better understand the nature of China's role. Where is China financing development activities in Africa? Which political and economic factors are shaping how this money is distributed on the ground? Does the effectiveness of Chinese aid depend upon how it is allocated subnationally?

Join us for the launch of the first, geo-referenced database of Chinese development finance to Africa and an interactive geospatial dashboard that now makes it possible to explore these questions in greater depth. Leading  scholars and practitioners will also discuss the findings from a new AidData working paper, “Aid on Demand: The Allocation of China’s Foreign Assistance at the Subnational Level,” revealing how the interests of political leaders in Africa influence the spatial distribution of Chinese funding for development.

In April 2013, AidData published a publicly available database of nearly 2,000 Chinese-backed projects in Africa from 2000-2012. Our geospatial dashboard, launched this November, will enable researchers, policymakers, journalists and civil society organizations to explore the data in a more granular way by drilling down to what is going on at a province, district and street corner level. The new dashboard makes it easier to track China's funding for development, but also compare this information with other spatial data -- on poverty, population, infrastructure, nighttime lights -- to identify new patterns and relationships that would otherwise prove difficult to uncover.


Tuesday, November 18, 2014


1110 Vermont Avenue NW, Suite #500

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Andreas FuchsPostdoctoral Research Associate, Research Center for Distributional Conflict and Globalization at Heidelberg University, Germany 

Brad ParksExecutive Director, AidData and Research Faculty, the College of William & Mary 

Heiwai TangAssistant Professor of International Economics, School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University


Nilmini RubinSenior Advisor for Global Economic Competitiveness at the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee

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