AidData Guest Posts on Laura Seay's Texas in Africa Blog

Laura Seay over at Texas in Africa graciously invited Dan Nielson and I to write a guest post about how AidData can be used by practitioners and policymakers. She published our post earlier this week. We focused on how adding development finance data from emerging and non-traditional donors can dramatically change how researchers and policy makers view the development landscape some countries:

Let’s say you’re a project manager tasked to integrate local efforts with national and international development projects in Mauritania. One of the first questions you might want to answer: what has already been done, and by whom? Since AidData includes activities from non-traditional donors, you would now have access to information for more than $226.7 million in development assistance that would have been all but invisible a few months ago.

Take a look at the rest of the post here. Thanks again, Laura!
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