AidData & Feedback Labs invite you to a breakfast event on Citizen Feedback: Bolstering or Circumventing the Democratic Process?


AidData and Feedback Labs invite you to a breakfast event


Citizen Feedback: Bolstering or Circumventing the Democratic Process?


Feedback initiatives leverage technology and open data to amplify citizen voices in shaping development priorities, monitoring progress, and evaluating results. But how does directly engaging citizens in dialogue about development investments and results intersect with other elements of representative democracy? Do feedback initiatives adequately take parliamentarians into account? Can parliamentarians help close the loop and incentivize the executive branch to not only solicit, but take action upon feedback from citizens?

Join us for an intimate breakfast event and discussion bringing together donor, civil society and government representatives to tackle these questions and more. This event is made possible with funding from USAID's Global Development Lab and the Higher Education Solutions Network.


Wednesday, September 17, 2014


1110 Vermont Avenue, Suite #500

Washington, DC, 20005




Gregory Adams, Director of Aid Effectiveness, Oxfam America

Emmanuel Jimenez, Director, Public Sector Evaluations, World Bank; incoming Executive Director, International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie)

Tony Pipa, Deputy Assistant Administrator for Policy, Planning and Learning, USAID

Koebel Price, Senior Advisor for Citizen Participation, National Democratic Institute

Lily Tsai, Associate Professor of Political Science, Massachussets Institute of Technology

With remarks by Dennis Whittle of Feedback Labs and Samantha Custer of AidData. 

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