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Reboot recently released a report expounding on “How the Governance Data Community can Understand Users and Influence Government Decisions.” The report contains a lot of words of wisdom regarding how to approach increasing

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Last week, a new report, “A New Climate for Peace: Taking Action on Climate and Fragility Risks,” commissioned by members of the G7 was released. The report identifies seven “compound climate-fragility risks” that threaten the future stability of communities and states worldwide.

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There have been many “grand challenges” for development made, and fewer met. Ken Banks challenges development institutions themselves in his post “Is ‘Fixing Development’ the Real Grand Challenge for Global Development?”  Whether it will be met is yet to be seen, and would require some sincere self-analysis by many key players. 

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No one would argue that we shouldn’t make better use of the data that we have, and it’s generally agreed that visualizations can help make data more easily understood. However, Linda Raftree points out that some dashboards more effectively display data than others. Raftree explains why some dashboards fail, while others are used for making more strategic decisions.

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Literacy rates are commonly tracked across the globe. A foreseeable indicator to be tracked in the future as we head further and further into a data driven world will be data literacy rates.  While harder to define and track, understanding these key 12 guidelines for spotting bad data analysis would be included in my definition of being data literate. 

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Many might question why so many are pushing for a data revolution when there are so many other issues and disparities in the world. But that is exactly why it is so important. Data is knowledge, and we all know, knowledge is power. Putting the right data in the right hands can mean powerful change,

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