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Apps and visualization gallery

The Sandbox Gallery, is where we highlight some of the coolest tools/apps and visualizations others have done using AidData's data and services. If you think we would be interested in directly hosting your tool, app or visualization in or on AidData, shoot us an email at or chat with us on our #aiddata Freenode channel.

How is the data being used?

Boyandin - AidData's aid flows visualization

Ilya Boyandin, a data scientist at University of Firbourg, created a data visualization displaying the flows of financial assistance available through AidData’s data. When an individual country is highlighted, it displays where all of its donated aid is going. On the left, the country selected is compared to overall donations in a graph. If you select an organization from the bottom of the visualization, you can see where large international donors like the World Bank are sending aid in the same way that you can view where an individual country is sending aid. The visualization can be viewed in years of data from 1948 to 2011. On the right, a bar graph of the purposes of aid money based on individual country or organization appears. View the visualizations here.