Results Monitoring Datasets

Results monitoring datasets

This section is a repository for datasets on project implementation and evaluation. To date, only one is included from the World Bank’s Independent Evaluation Group.  To suggest additional data for inclusion in this part of our work, please email us with inquiries at For more information about this dataset, read below.

World Bank IEG Project Design, Implementation, Performance and Evaluation Data

This dataset contains all World Bank project assessments carried out by the Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) since the 1970s. Spanning over 30 years, this dataset includes more than 8,000 project assessments. It is perhaps the longest-running and most comprehensive project performance data collection of its kind. It includes measures of the extent to which a project's major objectives were achieved; the extent to which the World Bank ensured quality at entry of the operation; the extent to which the World Bank supported effective implementation through appropriate supervision; the extent to which the borrower (including the government and implementing agency or agencies) ensured quality of preparation and implementation and complied with covenants and agreements; and the quality of monitoring and evaluation design, implementation, and utilization.

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