Tanya Sethi

Policy Specialist

Tanya Sethi is a Policy Specialist at AidData. She leads a country study that aims to understand the use of data in decision-making and identify barriers to use. She also assists with data analysis on projects related to the Sustainable Development Goals and AidData's survey practice.

In her previous position at J-PAL South Asia, Tanya worked closely with J-PAL affiliates and the Government of Tamil Nadu’s Health Department to develop project proposals for RCTs. This involved data gathering and fieldwork in several districts of Tamil Nadu, and interacting with people at various levels of decision-making.

Tanya has experience and a keen interest in making academic research and impact evaluation methods accessible to policy audiences, writing blog posts and research summaries of working papers. At J-PAL, she summarized evaluations, presented evidence from RCTs, and served as a teaching assistant in trainings on impact evaluation in South Asia, including J-PAL’s Executive Education Program. In her role as assistant editor at the Economic and Political Weekly, she was part of research writing workshops at Indian universities for PhD scholars and faculty, having delivered sessions on plagiarism and research ethics, citation formats, and presenting data and results. Tanya holds dual MAs in Public Policy and Economics.


Impact evaluation, policy research, editing.

Recent Publications