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We believe that better data and analysis can improve the lives of communities in the developing world. AidData makes aid and development data more accessible and actionable for everyone through a wide range of products and services. 

Our current institutional partners include private foundations, businesses, government and multilateral agencies, as well as civil society organizations from around the world. We also work with an exceptional group of individual scholars who contribute to our cutting-edge research initiatives.

We proactively seek opportunities to partner with others who are equally committed to using data to disrupt business as usual. To learn more about working with AidData, please contact our Director of Partnerships & Communications, Alex Wooley, at


Our Partners

Our Partnerships

Partnership is central to AidData’s ethos, beginning with the three anchor institutions that originally founded the AidData partnership in 2009: The College of William & Mary and Brigham Young University, and Development Gateway.

Together with the members of the then-AidData partnership, USAID’s Global Development Lab, Esri and University of Texas-Austin, we formed the AidData Center for Development Policy in 2012. Working with USAID missions, governments and civil society groups, we pinpoint and map the geographic locations of development projects. By comparing where resources are flowing against key development indicators, we continue seek to more effectively target, coordinate and evaluate aid. 

AidData partners with a number of other organizations at the forefront of open data for international development on activities such as understanding the role of emerging donors and tracking funding for development beyond aid.

Services We Offer

AidData creates custom data solutions to support donors, governments and other groups so they have the information they need in a form they can use to allocate resources, plan programs and evaluate results. We want to work with like-minded partners to create, test and scale sustainable ways to make data more useful and meaningful in a variety of contexts.

The development landscape is shifting and AidData is adapting along with it. We actively iterate new approaches to integrate citizen voices in monitoring projects and capture the role of emerging donors. Whether generating new data, tools or analytical products, we build upon a strong track record of successful partnerships in over 20 countries to date.

Become a Partner

For more information about AidData, our partnerships, products or services please contact our Director of Partnerships and Communications, Alex Wooley.

Alex Wooley
Director of Partnerships and Communications

Alex is Director of Partnerships and Communications for AidData. He previously worked as Vice President for Communications and Development at InterMedia and oversaw the start-up of a USAID-funded media development program in Sierra Leone. A former editor of the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, Alex has written for Public Diplomacy Magazine and The Huffington Post. Alex holds an MA in Security Studies from Georgetown University.