IATI Standard


The International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) is a global initiative—comprised of a broad coalition of bilateral, multilateral, and private donor organizations, as well as countries that receive aid—to make aid information more accessible and useful. The IATI data standard, the international standard for reporting aid information, is designed to allow aid donors to organize information on their activities in a streamlined, comparable format with three components: 1) the Activity Standard; 2) the Organisation Standard; and 3) the IATI Codelists.

More than 180 organizations are currently signed on to IATI, which means that they have committed to publishing their information in IATI format to the IATI central registry.

All of the aid information in the AidData database can be exported in IATI .XML, regardless of the original source of the data. This means that AidData users can explore data from the OECD CRS, IATI, and donor or country systems in a comparable, standard format. Using the advanced analytic dashboard, users can filter data from IATI or other sources, then export to generate their own custom IATI feed.