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In yesterday's New York Times Nicholas Kristof highlights an area of good news in the developing world: progress on the eradication of Guinea worm. I'll direct you to his article if you want a brief description of this terrible parasite, the effects it has on those who are infected, and how it spreads. It'll make you grateful for clean water, especially if you look at the photos.

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My colleagues here at William and Mary, Debra Shushan and Chris Marcoux, have used AidData in order to describe variation in the allocation of Arab aid over time. They have posted a short article on Foreign Policy’s “Middle East Channel” that draws from a longer working paper on Arab aid.

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As promised last week, we've just launched AidData 1.0.4. You may not immediately notice a lot of obvious changes to the website. The changes in 1.0.4 are mainly small bug fixes that users have emailed us about since we launched last month. As we finish up these small fixes, we'll start work on adding new features. Please submit ideas for new features in the comments.

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Editor's Note: AidData will be documenting fixes and changes to our data and software. We'd like this to be a collaborative process between our staff and our users. Please let us know in the comments or via email if there are things you'd like us to include in subsequent versions of the website.

It's been nearly two weeks since we made the beta version of AidData publicly available.

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Last week at the UN/US sponsored International Donors Conference, 66 governments and international aid agencies pledged $5.3 billion over the next two years towards Haiti’s relief and reconstruction. This commitment came on top of $2.7 billion already committed or disbursed for relief and development since the earthquake.

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One of the most exciting developments in the world of aid transparency is the emerging data sharing standard developed by the International Aid Transparency Initiative. Now many of you may never have seen the words “exciting” and “data sharing standard” in the same sentence before, but I promise, it’s true.

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