The AidData Blog: The First Tranche

The following was written by two of our William and Mary research assistants, Anne Bernier ('11) and Eva Baker ('12)

While in Morocco this summer, Anne heard a lot about the government’s recent work to improve the status of women. In early 2004, the Moroccan Parliament overhauled the Moudawana, or Moroccan Family Code, giving women greater rights.

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One of the surprising findings in Greening Aid: Understanding the Environmental Impact of Development Assistance was that, the greater a country’s participation in environmental treaties, the less environmental aid it received (controlling for a variety of other factors).

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The following is a post by one of our research assistants at the College of William and Mary, Alena Stern ('12)

In about five minutes, any person armed with a computer and an internet connection can determine the exact amount of development assistance directed to the education sector in Uganda over the past 8 years.

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Tonight we pushed AidData version 1.1 out the door! Most of the improvements in this release are behind the scenes, but we're very excited about them: IMPROVEMENT: Our new service AidData Tools provides several easy ways to query and access the AidData dataset from outside the website, including a developer API, an embeddable widget, and extended RSS features. IMPROVEMENT:

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The following is a post by one of our research assistants at the College of William and Mary, Eva Baker ('12)

As policymakers and observers discuss the practices of non-DAC donors and their intentions, many of those donors are meanwhile becoming increasingly wealthy and increasingly involved in aid. A recent Economist article on Brazil’s vast, and growing,

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As we noted a couple weeks ago, the response to oil spills in the Niger Delta has received considerably less funding than the Deepwater Horizon Spill in the Gulf of Mexico, despite the fact that considerably more oil has spilled over the last 50 years, with no signs of letting up. Others have picked up on this comparison as well,

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