Watch online – Friday, Nov. 4 – Putting Aid Data to Work: Using better information to get better results

The AidData team has been working with partners at the World Bank Institute and the Climate Change and African Stability (CCAPS) program to put together a great all-day event on open data and development, which will be hosted by the World Bank on Friday, November 4. Richard Manning, former Chair of the OECD-DAC, will give the keynote address by video. Then, a series of panel discussions will examine the aid transparency movement and how it is influencing development research and practice. We’ll hear from officials at donor agencies who are working on making aid information more available, mashable, and relevant. We’ll also hear from researchers who are looking into new ways to use aid information to assess aid effectiveness and allocation, with a special focus on climate change issues. Experts from a range of civil society organizations will also talk about how better information can empower citizens to be more engaged in the development process.

Specific initiatives discussed will include a pilot project by AidData, CCAPS, and the World Bank Institute working with the Government of Malawi to track all active aid within one country using interactive maps. The event will also mark the launch of AidData 2.0, with a sneak preview of the new AidData website and a new direction for the AidData program that focuses on transparency, innovation, and country and donor solutions for aid effectiveness.

For more information, including the full agenda and link to the live webcast, please visit the event website. We’ll be tweeting from @aiddata during the event and welcome comments using the #aiddata hashtag.