This week's interesting links from around the web

Owen Barder hosts Tim Harford for a discussion on how trial, error and small-scale failures could improve the aid industry.


Kentaro Toyama says that the benefits of India’s GDP growth have largely been limited to a select few, creating two Indias separated by wealth.  The NewYork Times quotes the Prime Minister of India who said that it was a national shame to struggle to meet the MDGs despite so much growth in GDP.


The Guardian makes an interactive site with data on media and aid donor response to the Somalia famine. This was published in anticipation of a high-profile meeting of diplomats concerning the future of the country. Several relief organizations host a counter conference, calling for the depoliticization of aid to Somalia. Jina Moore asks why women aren’t better represented at the meeting.  Alex De Waal argues that support should go to businessmen, not politicians.


Uganda's Ministry of Health is working to better coordinate a multitude of mobile for development projects occurring throughout the country. 


The Center for Global Development describes a new scheme to help Liberia’s health system transition from emergency status to sustainability by pooling donations from several donors together. 
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