This week's interesting links from around the web

Since Thursday was International Women’s Day, this post features some of the interesting things we've seen around the web on this topic during the week.


Several good posts highlight the status of women in the world today. Brookings posts a few very brief interviews with experts on a range of gender-related issues. Some cartoons highlight gender inequality in the water and sanitation sector. Mariz Tadros explains why gender quotas are not sufficient to securegender justice.


Several writers evaluate problems development organizations currently face in their programs and others offer suggestions for improvements. Elizabeth Arendsuggests ways the World Bank could reduce maternal mortality rates. Lawrence McDonald suggests giving fathers of newborn daughters information to promote gender equality. Andrea Cornwall makes the case that donors stop looking at what women can do for development and think of what development can do for women. 


Last but not least, Claire Melamed points out that class and ethnicity may be more important than gender for many women, and gender-based projects should consider this. 


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