This week in citizen engagement and open government: #engagevoices

Citizen Engagement

Last week started with a bunch of people discussing the individual at the Citizen Voices Conference at the World Bank. If you missed the #wblive event, you can catch up by watching the webcast and highlights. Participants voted for the single most important thing that needs to be done to move the citizen engagement agenda forward. The top vote? To engage citizens in the process. 

The conversation continued the following day at Citizen Voices UK: A Global Conference on Citizen Engagement for Enhanced Development Impact. Check out the conversation via #engagevoices.
The UN launched an Open Government Data for Citizen Engagement in Managing Development Toolkit. A Working Version welcomes comments and suggestions to the toolkit. An effort to receive citizen feedback on the toolkit would be a step towards responding to the top vote from the Citizen Voices poll.
Tech for Dev
Great steps are being taken throughout the world to use technology to enhance transparency and accountability. Check out eleven new initiatives that were awarded grants by Transparency International. A majority of them are focused on engaging citizens in government processes -one targeted towards mobile gamers in Hungary.  
How the World uses fresh water via World Bank
A new data visual blog, Charting Progress, by Development Initiatives was launched last week. While it is currently heavily ODA focused, I hope to see some more creative charts in its future on a broad range of poverty-ending issues.
World Water Day
World Water Day on Friday highlighted statistics such as “Every 20 seconds a child dies as a result of poor sanitation” and “1 in 7 people lack access to clean water.” As well as infographics such as the one created by World Bank on how the World uses freshwater. Visually put together an entire Pinterest boardof infographics for World Water Day to reference. Unfortunately, this issue is not a one day a year affair for many of the world.
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