This week in aid, transparency, and open development

UK Aid
Last week the Publish What You Fund's UK Aid Transparency Report Card was published. The report highlighted DFID as the only UK aid agency that ranked as ‘good,’ with all other agencies ranked as  ‘moderate’ or ‘poor’. Following-up with the report, British Secretary of State, Justine Greening gave a keynote address that launched a new Aid Transparency Challenge. Owen Barder, on CDG’s Global Development: Views from the Center blog, wondered aloud if this could be a game changer and laid out six key steps identified that move toward increased aid transparency and accountability. 
The UAE showed its support to transparency and accountability in foreign aid by hosting a round-table discussion similarly titled. The UAE considers accountability and transparency as integral to achieving its goal of becoming one of the world’s top donors by 2021.
On the multilateral side of things, UNDP launched a new online portal-, and the IMF discussed its policy paper “Fiscal Transparency, Accountability, and Risk” which looks at fiscal transparency in light of the global financial crisis.
Aid Effectiveness
Increased transparency means allowing others to have an opinion on what they find. Not everyone is happy with how the EU is spending Britain’s funding; saying much of it is going towards countries that might not need it as much as others do.
Owen Barder also took a look at CDG’s Commitment to Development Index to explore how committed to development Europe is as a whole.
Open Development
The UN used social media to map and respond to Typhoon Pablo. Meanwhile, the World Bank has built off their Mapping for Results initiative for a storytelling platform.
Wolfgang Fengler, on Africa Can…End Poverty, commented on data as the next frontier in development, believing that it brings with it a new wave of innovation. Josh Powell, of Development Gateway, gives four suggestions to up the sexiness in the US Government’s Open Data Strategy.
Coming up soon, the World Bank is bringing data and statistics together for an event on #bigstats this December 19th.
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