This Week: Have Your Say in Shaping Post-2015 Goals

The United Nations has launched a public campaign, from May 5 to May 11, in order to encourage citizens to participate in the My World opinion poll. The opinion poll launched in late 2012 as a platform for citizens to weigh in on which issues the UN should focus on in the post-2015 agenda. Already, the UN has reached and surpassed their goal of 2 million votes.

Courtesy Image: the United Nations

Corinne Woods, director of the UN Millennium Campaign, acknowledged that in order for the My World opinion poll to be deemed truly representative of global public opinion, the UN needs at least 10 million people to participate in the poll. Still, it is encouraging to see citizens actively participating in the discussion about the post-2015 agenda, and the data so far suggests some interesting trends.

“An honest and responsive government” was consistently ranked among the top three priorities for the entire group surveyed, and when the votes were broken down by continent, age group or gender. However, good governance dropped lower in rankings for sub-groups like Africa, Oceania and countries with low human development index (HDI) ratings, who all ranked this category below “a good education,” “better health care,” and “better job opportunities.”

Check out data results for My World poll here and read more here.

The UN’s campaign coincides with Big Data Week, which began May 5 with events occurring in more than 25 cities. As the UN collects data on what the world wants to fix, Big Data Week will focus, in part, on how to address and solve these issues. Read more about Big Data Week here and here.

Kelsey Sakumoto is an AidData Communications and Policy Outreach Intern based at the College of William and Mary.


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