The China Round-Up

Here at AidData, we're constantly pursuing new sources of data on emerging and non-traditional donors outside the OECD-DAC. Obviously, one of the most important new players in international development is China. As we mentioned a couple weeks ago, Chinese aid has important ramifications for donors and recipient countries alike. While we've already gathered a significant amount of data on Chinese aid from 1990-2005, we're continuing to think creatively about how we can gather more information on China's international development activities. We'll be tracking news stories, blog postings, and official reports on Chinese aid and investment projects week by week here on The First Tranche. Without further ado, here's what happened in the last week on Chinese development finance.
Finally, despite all the objections raised to China's use of Chinese workers in investment and aid projects, here's a picture of Tanzanian builders working on a Chinese financed agricultural demonstration center.
[Source: Xinhua]
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I have just discovered your site and I have to say I am quite impressed by this huge amount of information you make accessible to... everybody. <br />Good luck by the way with tracking aid received by the Chinese. I can imagine transparency is not yet their best asset.<br /><br />Vincent Guerard, general director @ Urban Care<br />