Some recent aid and development links from around the web

This week we are trying out a new feature—a compilation of recent links on aid effectiveness, transparency, development, and so forth from around the web. Please comment and share other stories that caught your eye! And let us know if you’d like us to do this regularly. Here goes...


Will mobile phones and mobile technologies help reach development goals or is this another one of many overhyped development fads?  Watch a very lively panel discussion from the New America Foundation here, read panelist opinions here, and see an interactive map of mobile phone ownership around the world here.


Governments aren’t the only ones that become more accountable when there's greater transparency. 


USAID, other US donor agencies launch a new push for innovation. Rolf Rosenkranz wonders how tolerant lawmakers will be of failed innovations produced by this effort.


A new data visualization using AidData (requires Java).


Some interesting analysis from Nancy Birdsall here and here on the selection of a new president at the World Bank.


And from AidData’s own Brad Parks, a plug on the Monkey Cage Blog for using project-level data to analyze aid effectiveness.


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