Publish What You Fund Launches Pilot Aid Transparency Index

Today, Publish What You Fund released its 2011 Pilot Aid Transparency Index. The index was developed with the goal of encouraging a higher level of transparency among aid donors.  Fifty-eight donor agencies were ranked based on 37 different indicators. To compile the index, Publish What You Fund collected primary data on aid transparency levels, with support from civil society organizations in 34 countries. 


The average score is 34%, while no donor scores above 78%, leaving the top quintile vacant. The 5 best performing donors are the World Bank, the Global Fund, the African Development Bank, the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the UK’s Department for International Development. Some of the worst performing donors, among others, include Spain, Portugal, Italy, the U.S. Treasury, Poland, Cyprus, China and Greece.  The index indicates that the accessibility of useful aid information is low. Interestingly, some of the donors that are traditionally considered to be transparency leaders, such as Canada, New Zealand and Norway, received rather low scores.


In its assessment of the pilot index, Publish What You Fund concludes that greater aid transparency is an eminently achievable goal. Increased political commitment to making information accessible and engagement with the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) standards are listed among the key recommendations. In its press release, Publish What You Fund calls on donors to improve their standing on transparency and accountability and highlights the importance of such efforts for the effective use of aid funds.
On Wednesday, Nov. 16, a launch event will be held at the Overseas Development Institute in the UK (12:30-14:00, GMT+00) and streamed live online. You can also read about the index from the BBC, the Financial Times, and the Guardian.


This post was contributed by Alexey Dorofeev, an intern at Development Gateway.


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