Making sense of donor acronyms

Any field of study has it's own jargon and acronyms, but sometimes it feels that those of us studying and working in international affairs must memorize more than our fair share. Keeping straight all the ADBs, IDBs, and UN agency abbreviations can be frustrating.
We thought we'd save you a little time from memorizing or googling acronyms and make it as easy as possible to find what you are looking for. So we've updated our donor names.
Now you don't have to google "BADEA" to know that it is the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa and you don't have to be confused because there is no "IDB" in our database; instead you'll find that the Inter-American Development Bank is abbreviated as IADB to distinguish it from the Islamic Development Bank, ISDB.
We hope this saves you some time and frustration as you are searching for the data you want.
If you have any other feedback regarding changes you'd like to see to the user interface (or if you need assistance finding the data you want), please feel free to contact us at (or leave a comment on this post)
Tags: behind the curtain