Launch of New Initiative to Track Chinese Development Finance to Africa

On April 29th, AidData will launch a new database that tracks Chinese development finance flows to Africa from 2000 to 2011. The database relies on an innovative media-based data collection (MBDC) methodology, which has helped uncover more than 1,600 Chinese-financed projects amounting to over $75 billion in financial commitments. Our hope is that that publication of these data will provide a stronger empirical foundation for analysis of the nature, distribution, and impact of China's overseas development finance activities in Africa. Along with the methodology and the dataset, AidData and the Center for Global Development (CGD) will release a CGD Working Paper entitled China’s Development Finance to Africa: A Media-Based Approach to Data Collection.
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Additionally, on April 29th, we will launch a live, interactive database platform that is accessible to journalists, researchers, policymakers, development practitioners, and the general public. We will share the link to this online platform closer to the launch date. The platform not only makes it possible to filter, manipulate, and visualize the data, but also provides tools that enable users to vet and help improve the data. To enhance the accuracy of project-level data, the online platform allows users to provide additional information about specific projects, such as media reports, documents, videos, and photographs, as well as suggest new projects not previously identified.
Interested in attending the launch event?
The database, methodology, working paper, and online platform will go live on April 29th, 2013 at the Center for Global Development at 4pm. Interested in attending? Be sure to register, as limited seating is available.
This blog post was written by Suzannah Dunbar, an AidData staff member at the College of William and Mary. Contact her with any questions related to the launch event.
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