Highlights from Transparency Week

It was a big week last week. Global Transparency Week encompassed a large array of exciting events, not the least exciting being the launch of AidData 3.0! So welcome to the new site! We hope that you’ll take some time to explore a bit. Check out the Maps, play in the Sandbox, and let us know how you use the new data and tools available.

We had a smashing time at the launch event with Homi Kharas from the Brookings Institution, and Alex Dehgan of USAID both speaking, and a round of lightning talks that highlighted just a few of the cool ways you can use AidData 3.0 data and tools. Check out the Storify that Freebalance put together on the event.

Jean Louis Speaking at AidData 3.0 Launch

Jean-Louis Sarbib speaking at the AidData 3.0 launch

There were plenty of good quotes, like Homi Kharas noting that “for the data revolution to be successful it needs good input and good output, AidData.org does both of these things really well.” One theme I noticed through several of the talks was that it wasn’t just about the data, but how important this was for progressing citizen engagement. Data gives us a launch pad to start these important conversations, and the geocoded maps provide a literal centroid point for the feedback to loop around.

In honor of transparency week, Oxfam America provided a list of data sets and indices “for your data crunching pleasure.” It’s not a short list either. London hosted the OGP Summit that focused on five key areas Francis Maude highlighted in his post: more/better open data, government integrity, fiscal transparency, empowering citizens, and natural resource transparency.

Meanwhile, Malawi launched their public Aid Management Platform increasing transparency by allowing public access to information on almost 1,000 development projects. The Malawi Minister of Fiannce, Maxwell M. Mkwezalamba opened the launch by reinforcing their commitment to open development data and using it for evidence-based decisions.

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