AidData in smaller doses

AidData's online data interface allows users to construct precise search specifications to hone in on a particular set of aid projects they are interested in. However, for those whose interests are broader, and might like to conduct a larger number of different searches, the online interface inevitably becomes somewhat cumbersome.

One alternative is to use AidData's research releases. The most current release is 1.9.2.
Unfortunately, this is a very large file, containing information about almost 1 million projects. That
makes it cumbersome, and perhaps impossible, to handle for computers with less than, say, 8GB
of memory (RAM).

Since most computers probably fall into that category, we have now made available a few subsets of
the data that will be more manageable for most computers, and may allow people to perform the
data analysis they wish to do. At the moment, the following subsets are available:

1. United States aid projects only (about 110,000 projects)
2. Aid projects from the European Union and its member states (480,000)
3. Aid projects from non-DAC (i.e. non-OECD) donors (140,000)
4. All aid projects since the year 2000 (670,000)

The files are in comma-separated value (csv) format, and compressed (zipped). They can easily
be converted for use in standard statistics packages using a utility such as Stat/Transfer.

If you have any questions regarding these releases, contact!
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