AidData Partnerships

AidData Partnerships

AidData is a dynamic partnership between three core institutions – the College of William & Mary, Brigham Young University and Development Gateway. As universities with a reputation for scholastic excellence, the College of William & Mary and Brigham Young University contribute intellectual rigor and access to scholars and students as engines of innovation to look at development problems in new ways.

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As a non-profit development organization, Development Gateway contributes long-standing relationships with ministries of finance in developing countries in designing aid management systems, and provides products and services to fuel greater development transparency and effectiveness. Beyond these three core institutional partners, AidData also collaborates with a diverse set of government, private sector and civil society organizations to map the distribution of aid and impact of development assistance.

Our Funders

In addition to financial contributions from the three core institutional partners, AidData’s operations are funded through additional supporters, such as: the United States Agency for International Development and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

Our Partners

AidData works with a number of organizations at the forefront of open data for international development in order to make information on development resources more transparent, accessible and actionable. AidData collaborates with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and various bilateral and multilateral donor agencies to collect, standardize and republish transaction and project-level development finance information.

With generous support from USAID, AidData has partnered with the University of Texas-Austin and Esri to create the AidData Center for Development Policy. The Center was founded to create geospatial data, tools and research that help the global development community to more effectively target, coordinate, and evaluate overseas investments.