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Chinese development locations

Looking Back Anew: AidData’s #ChinainAfrica November Launch Event

Video of Brad Parks - Where In The World Is Chinese Development Finance?

At a November 2014 launch event, AidData introduced an interactive geospatial dashboard that provides detailed information about 1900+ Chinese-funded development projects in Africa. The data are disaggregated to the provincial, municipal,

This Week: State of the Data Revolution / Project Pulse in Senegal

A recent ODI paper focused on what ‘localizing’ might be applied in the post-2015 agenda. With the exception of a few broad considerations, the answer is rather cyclical. It depends on the local context. It’s an important phrase we’re all familiar with, but sometimes is left behind when we start talking about things like scalability.

data innovation day

This Week: Setting your Data-lutions for 2015 / Project Pulse Returns

It’s a new year and you probably have your resolutions picked out, and maybe have already given up on one or two of them. Well it’s not too late to add to the list (or replace the unsuccessful). We suggest making a few data-lutions this year and have found a few good ideas to ponder.

Aid Information Matters for U.S. Citizens, Too – Transparency Efforts and Domestic Audiences

This January, a newly elected U.S. Congress takes the stage and brings up the question of how this will shape U.S. foreign assistance discussions in 2015, but what can we expect?

Number of people trained in 2014

AidData 2014 Highlights

We are excited to present to you some highlights from the year of 2014 at AidData. Wishing everyone happy holidays from the AidData team.

state of government open data

This Week: Austerity and Development Finance - A Troubling Trend?

With the completion of the recent “lame duck” session this past week, the current 113th United States Congress gives way for the 114th Congress to take over business next month in the new year, but it wasn’t a quiet session by any means.

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